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RECS, the company that develops and sells waiter call systems

We are starting to introduce our new participants of International Expoforum of Hotel, Restaurant Business and Cleaning FoReCH 2018 to you!

The company PoliceCam – RECS has a great 16-year history, which started when the first restaurant of Yakitoriya network opened in Ukraine came with the order to create a brand new technology – wireless waiter call system!

To solve this task, they took the American RECS system, widely used in the best Chicago restaurants, as an example.

The developed system of call buttons-bells, based on RECS technology, was successfully implemented in 120 Yakitoriya restaurants. And right then we discovered that there is a huge demand in electronic waiter call systems on Ukrainian and world restaurant markets.

At that time we also realized that we were able to help automate personnel call for any HoReCa establishments: for both newly opened cafes, and large restaurant networks.  Call buttons, kitchen transmitters for chefs and waiter pagers offer a universal solution to any problems in restaurant business!

Loyalty of visitors and gross profit of the restaurant are reported to have increased by 25% after the installation of waiter call system!

How does the waiter call system look like?

The wireless call system RECS is the newest digital technologies transformed by designers of American company RECS into:

  • Compact personnel call button HCM -350, R-108, HCM-110, R-101, HCM-100
  • Digital transmitters – waiter board R-1350, HCM-1300, HCM-1500
  • Pagers – watches for a waiter R-02, r-03, R-05,
  • Kitchen transmitters for chefs R-910, CTK-200, R-95,
  • Radio transmitters R-002 and computer accounting systems.

After installation of electronic radio call system you will undoubtedly never have problems with the customers dissatisfied with long waiting time and quality of service in your restaurant.

Where are call systems RECS are used?

Our call systems RECS are designed not only for restaurants and cafes. Wireless call system for medical personnel RECS is actively used in medical establishments, hospitals, nursing homes and other social establishments.

We are proud to say that our call radio buttons are actively used in such restaurant networks as Mafia, Casta, Yakitoriya, Sushiya, Eurasia, Mario, Salateira and thousands of other restaurants, which cannot imagine their work without waiter call systems!

In 2018 the long-awaited novelty in the RECS line a color pager for waiters R-06 Waterproof Touch Screen Pager RECS USA was introduced to the market. The new pager – a watch for a waiter or administrator – is featured with sensor buttons and bright color display.

This universal watch-pager can work with all call buttons of RECS.

Besides, transmitter of waiter call R-580 RECS USA (for three call numbers, with bright and color lighting up) is a novelty of 2018. This device is made for joint work with waiter call buttons and kitchen transmitters. Transmitter has the memory for the last 30 calls and color display lighting up, in order not to miss notification about a new call. A great function of changing melody’s tone for particular buttons comes as an icing on the cake.

And if your restaurant is visited by VIP guests, then you can mark their table with a special call melody.