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The world champion in confectionary art and a TV star - Christophe Michalak

FOR THE FIRST TIME IN UKRAINE! The world champion in confectionary art and a TV star - Christophe Michalak!

On April 20, the world star of confectionary art Christophe Michalak will hold a workshop at the International Festival of High Confectionary Art in the International Exhibition Center. For five years, it has been the unrealizable dream for many professional confectioners because Christophe hasn’t given any workshops for all these years. At last, in spring 2018 you`ll have a chance to communicate with the legend. Professionals from the all countries are striving to reach his level because Christoph Michalak made a valuable contribution in the development of confectionary art all over the world.

According to Christophe Michalak, he is inspired by bright memories of a happy childhood, those tastes and smells of the family bakery shop, where his parents took him. The distinguishing feature of Michalak-confectioner’s art is the extremely tactful and elegant combination of traditional French sweets with his own rich experience as a traveler and bakery connoisseur. Possessing an amazing memory bank of tastes and smells, which the confectioner began developing from the age of 15, he gracefully juggles with the usual forms and ingredients, composing his own special and deeply individual compositions. He returned glory to many classic French cakes – regime, shu, marshmallow, flan, Christmas log.

Did you get goose bumps? It is going to be a real boom!

Organizers: International Forum of food industry and packaging and DGF International Culinary Concept