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International Expoforum of Restaurant, Hotel Business and Cleaning is a kind of hunting for novelties of the hospitality industry services. The companies that once participated in the event and experienced the feeling of victory and advantage over their competitors are smoothly involved in the race for priority, exhibiting more and more impressive products. And having reached the top, they begin to conquer their customers, demonstrating diverse examples of the industry achievements. For many people the expoforum has already become a life-style, without which it is impossible to imagine flourishing of business. Thereby, interest to this symbolic event is growing constantly into the huge flow of exhibitors and visitors. In harsh and dynamic world of the hotel and restaurant industry the expoforum has become the stimulus for financial and industrial development.

When specialists and final consumers get into the ocean of the exhibited products of the expoforum they see endless vanguard of tableware, restaurant equipment, accessories, and food products, cleaning equipment and vending technologies. As nothing else can give such pleasant emotions as colorful and stylish tableware set, aromatic coffee of refined beams and intriguing design of the hotel room. Unique combination of all this creates unforgettable atmosphere of coziness and hospitality at the exhibition. Is not it a pleasure to take part in such a large-scale project?!

International expoforum of Restaurant, Hotel Business and Cleaning, as the most important instrument of the marketing promotion, used to solve some top-priority tasks of the exhibitor:

  • Market research, comprehensive PR and advertisement, demonstration of novelties;
  • Definition of price and goods policy, assortment and discounts system forming;
  • Establishment of private contacts with potential customers, search of new partners and sales markets;
  • Quick and quality estimation of the competitive environment;
  • Consumers preferences, estimation of own image and popularity.

All these questions that directly influence further strategy and tactics of the company development and all the answers to them you can get at the expoforum. The expoforum is an instrument for gathering exact information about hotel and restaurant market, ideal place for presenting new products and simply to introduce something or somebody.

Once a visitor entered the expoforum he finds himself in a different world, in the vernisage of the expositions and seminars, informative presentations and culinary workshops, exclusive demo-zones and original designer solutions. This world is waiting for you!