Events 2015


4 November 2015

11:00 – 16:30

Conference hall 2

“Restorator” presents InRestForum

Subject: Bar

The latest trends in the mixology: how to create a correct bar card and sell cocktails to the guest.

Speaker: Andrii Kovaliov, chef-barman Alchemist Bar (Kyiv), creator of the cocktail cards.

Types of cocktails. Cost and margin. Original presentation, techniques of preparation. Seasonality in the mixology. Trends in the mixology. Ingredients of cocktails and work with suppliers. Bar equipment. Equipping of the bar. Working with a guest. Sales of cocktails.

Marketing in the bar.

Speaker: Nadia Pereviznyk, co-owner of PR Bar drink & networking, before – marketing specialist of the Dima Borisov restaurants family, (Kyiv).

To accuse the restaurant in marketing is the same thing that accuses the restaurant in the management. The main components of the restaurant business: ideas, money, HR, management and marketing. Restaurant is product, price, place, business processes. Marketing is not equal to advertising. Classic of marketing still works well. What is in priority - advertising, PR, digital, mobile?

Way of the bar development.

Speaker: Dima Shovkoplias, chef-barman SpeakEasy of the bar Parovozzz (Kyiv).

Changing the bar format. Organization of the bar. Work with the personnel: recruitment, motivation. Organization of the work with the personnel: go to the shift. Working with the guests. Components of the success.

11:00 – 16:30

Conference hall 4

Hospitality Business Meeting

Revenue Management (Income management)

Speaker: Kateryna Tkachenko, Sales and Marketing Director of “Premier Hotel Rus’”


Friendship with SMM: what, how, why and under what sauce post.

Speaker: Mariia Afanasieva, е-commerce manager of the art-hotel “Bakkara”.

Monitoring the hotel reputation and its representation in the network. Development,

implementation of special offers and promotions for OTA, development of the strategy

to be presented in the art-hotel “Bakkara” social networks. Content and analysis of the

effectiveness of social pages and the official website of the hotel.


Effective system of the hotel management.

Speaker: Olga Mishchenko, managing partner of “Workshop of hospitality O2”.


Mistakes in financial management of the hotel.

Speaker: Olessia Manolova, Director of the company “Finance in Hotel”, organizer of

Hospitality Business Meeting and Hospitality Business Camp.


Effective quality control system in the restaurant. Red

book of the manager.

Speaker: Inna Andreishina, owner and practicing trainer and consultant of the

restaurant consulting company “Good Idea!” Prof HoReCa Consulting”.


Coaching is as a tool to manage one own live.

Speaker: Olena Kuchkova, HR Director Radisson Blu Hotel, Kyiv Podil.

13:00 – 16:30,

Coffee area of the Festival, Sector D

Coffee in Ukrainian way

Speaker: Vsevolod Polishchuk, gastronomic journalist from Lviv, the chief editor of “Egoist” magazine; Igor Lylio, Candidate of Historical Sciences, famous expert of Lviv.

Coffee in East way

Speaker: Asli Yaman, two-time champion of Turkey and bronze medalist of the world championship World Brewers Cup.


Commercial potential of the coffee in East way

Speaker: Vadym Granovskyi, champion of Great Britain of coffee making in jazzve UK Cezve Championship, two-time finalist of the world championshipt, member of European coffee association (SCAE) and founder of the company “Coffee in Action”.

10:00 – 17:30, Festival area, sector А

1st International cooking festival “BESTCook FEST- 2015

5 November 2015

10:30 – 16:45

Conference hall 1

Tourist and hotel immobility


World hotel market – Short overview.

Hotel market in the world. Major players of the hotel market in the world and Europe. Major hotel brands. Hotels of the segment “life style”. Who buys hotels?

Speaker: Erhard Noreish – FORTECH CONSULTING (Poland)


Ukraine hotel market – Short overview.

Presentation of the report “UKRAINIAN TRAVEL MARKET 2015”. Demand for hotel services. Offer of hotel services. Hotel investments in the Ukrainian market. Kyiv / Lviv / Odessa are the main markets of hotel immobility in Ukraine.

Speaker: Sergii Pidmogylnyi - ACADEMY OF HOTEL INVESTORS (Ukraine)


Developer session. Hotel investment without secrets.

Main principles of definition of hotel investment. Before the investment phase is the key to success. Business plan of hotel investment project. Questions and answers.

Speaker: Ezhi Miklewski - FORTECH CONSULTING (Poland).


Methods of financing of hotel investments.

Main methods of financing. Polish means for using in Ukraine. Questions and answers.

Speaker: Ezhi Miklewski - FORTECH CONSULTING (Poland).

Hotel franchise is a solution for difficult times.

Secrets of hotel franchise. Franchise with the management. Questions and answers.

Speaker: Ezhi Miklewski - FORTECH CONSULTING (Poland).


How to stand out in the market?!

World of the competition. Hotel that is different from all the other hotels. Need or whim. Emobrending. Philosophy of the brand VERYMAN. Questions and answers.

Speaker: Ezhi Miklewski - FORTECH CONSULTING (Poland).


11:00 – 16:30

Conference hall 2

“Restorator” presents InRestForum

Subject: Restaurant

Modern tendencies in Ukrainian local food


Speaker: Yurii Kovryzhenko, chef at Vintage Boutique Hotel (Lviv), one of the leading chefs of Ukraine

Global trends having come to Ukraine. Forgotten products. Compomise of tastes, or ways to substitute importation. Slow Food in restaurants: is there any sense? Tendencies of the next year.

Working under conditions of the decreasing market

Speaker: Yurii Pryiemskyi, owner of the author cuisine restaurant Karkas, chef of Odesa restaurant (Kyiv), previously – chef of Kyiv restaurants Try Vylky, OK Bar, Nobu.

Selecting the menu. Work of chef in market realities. Food cost. Working with personnel. Working with suppliers. Working with guests. Development under market conditions.

Restaurant of new generation

Speakers: Tetiana Yurovych, Olena Bortnyk, owners of restaurant Kiflik (Kyiv).

What does “your” restaurant look like? Concept: how to choose and what to target. Getting money: investments and spending them. Making your team: personnel, motivation, cost of labor. Who is your guest? Selecting the audience. Average bill. Monthly attendance. Build your plans farther than tomorrow. Planning, budgeting, timing.

10:30 – 13:30

Conference hall 3

Seminar by Serhii Trakhachev “Motivation of restaurant personnel”


Motivation myths. Things to pay attention, to drop, things that work and inspire.

Systems of motivation as a business process at a restaurant. Motivation as an iceberg summit. Why restaurants with motivated personnel have other process also set and effective.

Creating and auditing individual adaptive motivation system at a restaurant.

Pitfalls of personnel motivation. Even ideal systems never last eternally. Things to make you change the system and yourself.

Speaker: Serhii Trakhachev, publisher of the Restorator magazine, author of lectures and seminars for practicing restaurateurs.

14:00 – 17:00

Conference hall 3

Seminar by Serhii Trakhachev “Kitchen management: from good cook to successful manager in 3 hours”

Kitchen: creativity must earn;

Guests as a source of information and inspiration;

Personnel. Expert management of good people;

Chef – kitchen manager. Effective management turns creativity into successful business.

Speaker: Serhii Trakhachev, publisher of the Restorator magazine, author of lectures and seminars for practicing restaurateurs.

10:00 – 13:15

Conference hall 4

Forum for restaurateurs and others

Opening your place during crisis and living long and prosperous (no fairy tales!)

Speaker: Olha Nasonova, director of the Restaurant Consulting company, restaurateur, leading analyst and expert of restaurant business.

Can successful restaurants be opened during crisis? Sources for ideas. Importance of information about global trends in our realities. Things to copy and things to invent. Choice of audience: is it possible to become a good restaurant for everyone. Main stages of opening: step by step, no mixing steps. We are open – what’s next? Social networks as a means of restaurant promotion – effective and cheap! Modern service and requirements to it from fastidious clients. Contemporary gastronomy: actual tendencies in cooking and serving. Result is the main thing: calculating money at a restaurant in a correct way; where is profit hidden?


Personnel training as an instrument for increasing restaurant profitability

Speaker: Anna Brzhezytska, certified business coach, HR in the sphere of HORECA, consultant at the Restaurant Consulting company

Restaurant personnel as a competitive advantage. Influence of training onto personnel and sales increase. Who and how to train? Getting personnel interested in training and things motivating personnel to train and be loyal to the company. Forms of training making educational process resultative? What can help to turn educational process into a breathtaking play? Building the training system. Who and how shall teach to get the result?


Creating a trendy restaurant

Speaker: Viktor Zaiets, marketing director, one of creators of the super successful Kyiv restaurant “Sobaka zyila holuba”.

What does a restaurant start with? How a restaurant brand shall be created? Whom does a restaurant work for? Idea. Concept. Positioning. Business plan. Advertisement and promo. Opening. First impression. Work on mistakes

10:00 – 17:00, Coffee area of the Festival, Sector D

Assessment of green coffee quality

Speaker: Asli Yaman

Cup of Excellence. Specialty coffee

Speaker: Roman Ponomariov, founder of coffee center Fair Finch.

Coffee roasting

Speaker: Dmytro Potupin, owner of Cafe Boutique.

Connection. Dialog between roaster and barista

Speakers: Nataliia Ostapiuk, two-time champion of Ukraine, barista of Lviv café Svit Kavy;

Yuliia Saichuk, champion of Ukraine on cezve, successfully mastering roasting at Svit Kavy

Arabica vs. Robusta

Speaker: Володимир Єфремов, бариста-тренер Чашка School, шеф-бариста Cherry coffee roasters & cakes.

10:00 – 17:30, Festival area, sector А

1st International cooking festival “BESTCook FEST 2015

6 November 2015

10:00 – 14:40, Coffee area of the Festival, Sector D

Basics of sensor evaluation of coffee

Speaker: Asli Yaman

Water as a key ingredient of coffee

Turkish coffee for professionals

Speaker: Vadym Hranovskyi

Opening a café

Speaker: Ihor Sukhomlyn, cup specialist at espresso bar Chashka, organizer of "Chashka School", "RestoPraktiki", "RestoCamp", "#BarCamp" and "Chef's Camp".

10:00 – 17:30, Festival area, sector А

1st Internationa cooking festival “BESTCook FEST 2015”

Hospitality Business Meeting*

4 ноября 2015


"РестораторЪ" представляет InRestForum

4 - 5 ноября 2015


Семинар Сергея Трахачева «Мотивация персонала в ресторане»*

5 ноября 2015


Семинар Сергея Трахачева «Управление кухней: за три часа от хорошего повара к успешному руководителю!»*

5 ноября 2015


Успешные restoratorы

5 ноября 2015