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November 4 10a.m.-6p.m.

November 5 10a.m.-6p.m.

November 6 10a.m.-6p.m.

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International Expoforum of Restaurant, Hotel Business and Cleaning FoReCH 2014 the main professional event of the HoReCa sector in Ukraine. Every year FoReCH brings together the industry leaders. The exhibition is a reliable communication platform for agreements fulfillment and contracts signing. It also allows evaluating the prospects of the development of the hospitality sector.

The hospitality industry is now at the stage of reformatting, however, according to the participants of the forum, the HoReCa market continues to develop and the competitive struggle becomes aggravated. At such periods a bet is made on the already existing customers and the services quality so every restaurateur and hotelier is looking for new solutions to optimize their business. Reduction of consumer possibilities leads to more scrupulous selection of establishments and a particular demand of a potential client. Nevertheless, restaurateurs and hoteliers are optimistic about the future, trying to improve their service for Ukrainians and foreign guests every day.

The exposition was divided into the following exhibitions: Restaurant Expo, Modern Hotel, Restaurant Food Expo, World of Glass and Tableware, Vending Expo Kiev, Kiev Clean Expo that allowed presenting full range of products and services for hotels, restaurants, as well as cleaning equipment and vending technologies. There were a lot of interesting offers and original goods at the exhibition. Companies demonstrated their latest novelties. Whatever stage of the arrangement or work your establishment is at, the exhibition always offers you several excellent ideas: buying fashionable tableware or changing lighting, choosing new textile or, perhaps, it is high time to modernize the kitchen. The slogan was “Look, choose, inspire yourself and change yourself – it is the way to success!” For this purpose, the organizers gathered more than 170 participants from 15 regions of Ukraine, as well as from Belgium, Italy and the Netherlands at the exhibition area of more than 6,000 sq.m.

During three working days the exhibition was attended by about 10,000 visitors, among which are restaurateurs, hoteliers, managers, chefs and confectioners, people with experience and young enthusiasts. The hospitality industry is quite specific and the people who choose it as a professional activity are unique - in their eyes there is a special flare, and in their heads there are a million of ideas. They create the world around them and inspire for the constant movement and development. That is why the atmosphere of the exhibition was superdynamic: everywhere there were various workshops, presentations, demonstration shows, lectures and seminars; the air was full of smells of freshly prepared exclusive dishes, and visitors showed interest towards participants’ stands and gathered at the special demonstration zones. According to the participants, this year visitor was more targeted, came prepared and knew exactly what he wanted. During the workshops, listeners wrote down in detail all nuances of dishes preparation and put questions to chefs.

The general partner of the forum, the METRO Cash & Carry Ukraine Company, perfectly organized its stand, having presented products of its own brands, new projects and exclusive offers for the HoReCa sector. During all days of the exhibition at its stand the company was holding workshops, lectures and even a show of barman art that caused an unusual interest among visitors.

The forum remained as a bright with a rich program event for visitors and participants, but next year even more interesting and useful events are waiting for you.

Mark November 2015 in your calendar!

The forum organizer is Kyiv International Contract Fair, Ltd.

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